John A D Vanhegan FRCS

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Mr Vanhegan deals with all aspects of Orthopaedics except for Paediatrics and bone tumours.

He has a special interest in the nature of chronic pain arising from centrally mediated, neuro-physiological, and psychological origins.

Most claims relate to injuries to the musculo-skeletal system and especially to the neck and low back.

He has published articles on the management of head injuries, forearm fractures and management of low back pain.

He conducted research at the Royal Postgraduate Medical School, Hammersmith Hospital, London, into the outcome of Spinal Surgery.

He has published in peer revue journals, namely the Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery with respect to the Attenborough Knee Replacement and in the Proceedings of the Royal Society of Medicine regarding a serious vascular complication of Hip Replacement surgery. His work is currently divided between routine non-surgical orthopaedic practice & medico-legal work.

His hours of office availability at 72 Harley Street, London W1G 6JD are:

9.30am to 6pm, Monday to Friday with 24/7 call-out availability

Mr Vanhegan is prepared to visit patients with medical claims, at their home and, when necessary, in custody. He has been to Rome and Paris for this purpose. He has advised on six medico-legal negligence claims in Hong Kong and is on the data base for Workers' Compensation cases in Australia and has attended two hearings in London, on this account.

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John A D Vanhegan FRCS FBOA
72 Harley Street, London W1G 7HG
Telephone: 020 8459 2311  Mobile: 07870 486 718